The exam on Multimedia Signal processing (first Module) and Fundamentals of Multimedia Signal Processing will be a written test with 3 exercises to be solved in 2 hours. Two exercises require a numerical/procedural solution to be solved using just pen and paper while the third one is a exercise requiring the definition of a Matlab procedure in order to solve the question: The Matlab code has to be written directly on the paper without any computer aid.

The exam for the first module will take place only in the written version; no oral exams, integrations or projects will be considered in order to increase the obtained grade.

In order to pass the whole Multimedia Signal Processing exam (first and second module) (for students that are not following just the first module ("Fundamentals of Multimedia Signal Processing")) a positive grade must be obtained in both modules and the final mark will be the average of the two marks rounded up the next integer.

In evaluating the average between the two modules a 30 cum laude mark in a module will be considered as 30; in order to get 30 cum laude as a final mark, the mark of both modules must be 30 and at least one mark must be "cum laude".

In every exam date the two modules will take place one after the other (the exact time schedule will be sent to students, registered for the exam, the day before the exam date) but the exams of both modules will take place in the same day; however you can choose to carry out both modules in the same day or just a single module, carrying out the other one in one of the next exam sessions in the same Academic Year.

Once you get a positive mark in a module this mark will be automatically frozen until you take again the same module in a following session: taking again the exam on the same module means that you register, participate and turn in your solution; if you simply participate to an exam but do not turn in your solution, this will not change your previous mark and you will be considered as "absent".
Once you will get a positive mark in both modules the final mark will be evaluated and then published for the publishing period on the PoliMi online services. At the end of this period it will be automatically recorded. If you do not want to record that final grade you have to refuse it from the online services: in that case both marks will be restored in a "frozen" state in order to allow you to carry out again a module (or both of them). However, if you have a frozen mark in both modules at the end of each exam to which you enrolled, the final average mark will be automatically published and, after the publishing period, automatically recorded: so, if you want to improve your final mark you have to remember to refuse the published final grade otherwise it will be automatically stored.