Volumetric Gesture Recognition

Volumetric Gesture Recognition

At the following link you will find the database with the volumetric body sequences.

Download volumetric Body Database

At the following link you can download the tools to visualize and use the 3D Body sequences:

Download Processing tools


The CPS Simulator Framework

One of the main problems the CPS designers face is “the lack of simulation tools and models for system design and analysis”. This is mainly because the majority of the existing simulation tools for complex CPS handle efficiently only parts of a system (e.g. only the processing nodes or only the network) while they mainly focus on the performance. Moreover, they require extreme amounts of processing resources and computation time to accurately simulate the CPS nodes’ processing. Faster approaches are available, however as they function at high levels of abstraction, they cannot provide the accuracy required to model the exact behavior of the system under design so as to guarantee that it meets the requirements in terms of performance and/or energy consumption.

The COSSIM (“Novel, Comprehensible, Ultra-Fast, Security-Aware CPS Simulator”) project will address all those needs by providing an open-source framework which will:

  • seamlessly simulate, in an integrated way, both the networking and the processing parts of the CPS,
  • perform the simulations orders of magnitude faster,
  • provide much more accurate results especially in terms of power consumption than existing solutions,
  • report more CPS aspects than any existing tool including the underlying security of the CPS.